About the Interconnection Measurement Project

Participating Internet Service Providers have installed a common tool to measure traffic at their interconnects, the points where ISPs exchange traffic with the greater Internet. This effort includes multiple ISPs, providing direct information on the capacity and utilization of interconnect links. All data and visualizations are of ingress capacity and utilization.

Across the 1,200+ links included in the data set, which represent the diverse and broadly substitutable routes available for Internet traffic flows, the Project reveals that capacity is roughly 50% utilized during peak periods, and that capacity continues to grow to address continued traffic growth. Further segmentation and analysis of the data is available, which will be regularly refreshed to provide a dynamic picture of how the Internet is evolving.

CITP and the participating ISPs will annually assess whether the project remains relevant as Internet interconnection continues to evolve.

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The Interconnection Measurement Project

Third Update – Today, CITP provided the third quarterly update to the IMP website, in furtherance of the project’s goal of providing ongoing insights into the evolution of interconnection capacity and utilization.  The site now includes monthly data from October 2015 through and including December 2016.  Throughout this period, aggregate peak utilization remains below 50 percent and total interconnect capacity continues to grow, outpacing growth in peak usage.

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