The CITP Interconnection Measurement Project provides first-of-its-kind, direct measurement of interconnection capacity and utilization via a tool implemented by Internet service providers. Explore the data segmentations in the visualizations below.

The data collected directly from interconnect links can be segmented by region, to provide a more granular view of capacity and utilization. The above views are aggregations of interconnect data at regional interexchange points from at least three participating ISPs with interconnects in the area; we use that threshold to preserve the confidentiality generally required in interconnection agreements.

Across all regions, the data show that aggregate utilization is well below available capacity during peak periods (note data outage for December 2016 that caused omission of regional measures for that month, as discussed in more detail here). In this regional view, a high degree of variation is observed when examining the distribution of peak utilization from region to region and from month to month.

For the time period available, the aggregate peak utilization for any individual participating ISP never exceeds 75.1 percent in any region. To preserve confidentiality and proprietary information pertaining to participating ISPs and their interconnect partners, we do not provide detailed breakdown of the data by ISP. See Views by Interconnect for more information on how utilization is distributed across available capacity.